Sunday, 27 April 2014

Tanya Burr Lip Glosses | Product Review

So as you can tell from the plentiful of pictures, I am going to be doing a review of Tanya Burr's Lip Gloss which came out to Superdrug stores on the 9th of April! Tanya Burr is definitely one of my favourite Youtubers! If you haven't already, you should definitely check out her youtube channel here. I am definitely not a huge fan of lipgloss so I was rather hesitant to try them, as I didn't want to be disappointed. 

Firstly I want to talk about the general formula of the product. They both have the same sweet berry scent to it, which I like very much so! For some reason, I really like scented lip products (perhaps the inner child in me wants to lick it off...). Now as it says on the packet, it is a LIP GLOSS!! So YES it is sticky and your hair does get caught in it! But that's what you expect with a lip gloss!  

They definitely don't stay on the lips for very long, and if you are going out for a long day, this is not the product for you! They do look very pretty on, but they do not last for more than an hour in my opinion. With all this said, I am still very happy with the product! I generally like lip products that last the entire day, because I am too lazy to apply another coat!

So the first shade here is called First Date which is a gorgeous light pink colour! I absolutely adore this shade, and am so glad that I got it! It gives a very neutral and plain lip which is perfect if you want to bring out a different area of your makeup! This one would definitely be my favourite out of the two, as I think it is so girly and cute! I definitely think it is perfect for a summer "barely there" kind of look!

Next is Champagne Toast which appears to be a rather dark nude colour. It comes out very opaque on the lips which I really like, as I thought it was going to be a dark brown sort of shade. This shade is like a clear lip gloss, and I think it would work well to go over a lipstick that you want to add some shine to! I wasn't too keen on this one, and my sister got it for me by mistake, but I am definitely not totally against it. I definitely won't be using this one as much but, either way, it is gorgeous!

So my final verdict is that you should definitely go out and get it from your nearest Superdrug or online!! A list of the Superdrugs that stock them are here on Tanyas' blog! You should definitely check out her other shades here. For £6.99 they are worth buying, even if it is just to say you have Tanya Burr's lip glosses! You can purchase them here from feelunique. I would also like to say, that if you try to buy them in stores at superdrug, chances are that there won't be many shades available because so many people are buying them and they seem to go out of stock very quickly. There were 2 other shades that I wanted (Just Peachy and Afternoon Tea), that weren't available in superdrug when I went there, so definitely try and buy it online!

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have tried any Tanya Burr lip glosses and what your favourite shades are! Also, I apologise for skipping a post on Thursday, but study has literally taken over my life, and it makes it hard to find inspiration for blogging! Hopefully I will be able to find time to keep in touch with the blogging world in the next few weeks!

Love from Elizabeth x

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My First MAC Palette | My Makeup Collection

So a few days ago my sister decided to give me what was suppose to be my birthday present (which is about 2 months away) early because she thought that I would love to use it for an upcoming event that we are going to in about 2 weeks now called Digifest! Digifest is practically an event where youtubers from all over the world come together for a meet up and a show here in the UK! We got VIP tickets as my sisters 15th birthday present and I am so so so excited. (Don't worry, she is going to get me another present as well :P )

But onto the actual post!! My sister knows me so well, and she knows that I would never buy anything expensive for myself (I am such a bargain hunter, and I only every buy drugstore makeup). So she knew that I always wanted a MAC Palette and she decided to give me these shades! I absolutely love it and I am so excited to use it. I'm so glad she gave it to me before I went to digifest so I can try out and experiment different ways to use it!

So the shades on the top from left to right are Copperplate and Satin Taupe. And on the bottom row is Sketch and Naked. The top browns are a little darker than what I normally go for, but they are perfect for the days when I want to put a lot of effort in my makeup. The Copperplate is a matte brown colour which is perfect to use as a base. And the Satin Taupe is a beautiful shimmery brown rose gold kind of colour. These two are absolutely beautiful. I still haven't used them to their full ability, but practice makes perfect.

Shades from Left to Right: Copperplate,
Satin Taupe, Sketch
Shades from Left to Right: Naked, Sketch,
Satin Taupe, Copperplate

Now Sketch is definitely a shade I would have not chosen for myself but can't wait to try out. I think that this burgundy red will definitely go well with my dark brown eyes. I definitely need to practice to make sure I don't look like an absolute mess (as I am not use to how these products go on the eyes). And the Naked shade is probably going to be one of my favourites. It's perfect for highlighting the brow bone. But I will probably just use it all over my lid, to give me a really bright and awake look which you can see in the image below.

When I was trying them out, I found that they are very solid and it's somewhat hard to get it on my lid. This may have been due to my low quality brushes. I definitely need to invest in some new brushes including the MAC 217 which everyone seems to have and love.

Wearing Naked all over my lid

Let me know what your favourite eyeshadows from MAC are. And leave some suggestions for some good eye brushes as I definitely need some new ones!!

Also, I would just like to say that I am going to be changing my schedule for my posts on this blog. I am currently 3 weeks away from my final exams for my first year at university (and I am doing Maths which is not easy) and writing a post every 2 days has been a challenge. So I have decided to instead post twice a week. I think I will post every Sunday and Thursday as I feel that these days will work best for me. But this is not set in stone. Once my exams are over, I will see if I want to change this new schedule. I hope you understand!

Love From Elizabeth x

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Late / Lazy Day | Outfit and Makeup Of The Day

So we all have those super lazy days where you just don't feel like wearing much makeup and/or you literally don't have time to do the full routine! Here is what I do when I am short for time! For this look I was able to do my makeup in under 5 minutes which is pretty handy for those super late days.

First lets start off with the makeup! Recently, my face has been on my side, and I haven't been sprouting spots left, right and centre (always a good thing), which means that my makeup routine is significantly easier!

You will definitely want to start of with a clean and moisturised face (which should already be a part of your skincare routine), before applying your foundation. Here I've used the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in Ivory. This foundation is one of my favourites as it blends so well, and is so light and natural. It is so simple to use, and I like to just apply it with my fingers (which is perfect for when you're in a rush or if you don't want to do anything too effortful!).

As I have already mentioned, my skin has been kind to me lately so I skipped the concealer step (which you may like to add if you are feeling that you need it). I moved swiftly onto setting my foundation with the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent. This is definitely my favourite powder (mainly because I haven't actually tried many others because I am pretty happy with this one, but I do want to try out the Soap and Glory one).

Now we don't want to look like we haven't put any effort into our makeup so you are going to want to whip out your mascara. Here I am wearing the Maybelline Falsies Flared Mascara. This one is perfect for giving great volume to your lashes, and it doesn't clump! What more could a girl need? Next I simply filled in my brows very quickly with the Sleek Brow Kit in dark just to give them more definition (because I swear it can make all the difference)!

Now finally you can choose the easiest and most accessible lip product to simply colour those lips! Here I am using the Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch which I think is a perfect natural looking shade. It is also so easy and quick to apply, that it is impossible to stuff it up (which is perfect if you are in a rush)!

 Now onto the outfit! When I am in a rush, or am having a lazy day, I will always resort to leggings! They are so comfortable and easy to wear and they look great with just about any T-Shirt. I can't count the number of times I have been running late for uni and have pulled out my leggings and paired it with either a jumper or a hoodie (this is how you can tell if I am running late, because it is basically the only time I wear leggings).

Here I am wearing a shirt that I got from Primark which I love because it has the name of one of my favourite cities in the world, New York!! T-Shirts are just so easy to wear, as they don't really involve much effort to pair with just about any leggings. Here I am wearing some burgundy leggings that I picked up about 2 years ago from New Look I believe. The massive black cardigan was on sale for £5 at H&M about 2 years ago. And to finish off this very lazy look, I simply slipped on my fake Ugg Boots from Primark. And it truly wouldn't be a lazy day without fluffy, cozy socks! Mine are from Primark.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! I apologise for it being so long, I just kept typing and typing and before I knew it, I had written an entire essay. Let me know what you do when you are in a rush/ are having a lazy day! And I have a very exciting post coming up so stay tuned for that!!

Hope you are all having a great Easter!!!

Love From Elizabeth x

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Friday, 18 April 2014

Visting London for A Day | My Life

So when you're studying for your final first year exams at university, it is rather important to take some breaks. So that's exactly what I did this week! On Tuesday it was my brothers birthday and we decided to go down to London for the day (possibly one of my favourite cities in the world, and I am so lucky to actually go to university there).  It was absolutely amazing to be back in London, to be on the tube again and to be swamped by millions of tourists. But London is absolutely beautiful!!

In the picture above, me and my sister were just being silly and took some selfies on the train. Oh I forgot to mention that we actually left manchester at 5AM!!!! Isn't that just crazy early!! So I was definitely tired and wanting to sleep the whole train ride down!!

Although I do live in London for university, there are still so many places I haven't been! On this day, we walked around the back streets of Oxford street where there are so many cute shops and cafes! Luckily it was a really sunny when we were there so everything looked ten times better!!

For lunch we stopped off at Spaghetti House, and let me just tell you, the tomato sauce on the pizza was out of this world!! I think it may have been one of the best pizzas every!!! (And that's saying something, seeing as I do probably eat pizza at least 3 times a week). I would definitely recommend checking it out (they are everywhere)!

We also went to see the new Captain America movie and let me tell you, it was just great to see Chris Evans in 3D!! I loved the first film, and seeing the second was just as good!!! I actually love those kinds of movies sometimes, and afterwards I felt like I could do some sort of fighting for some reason (does that ever happen to anyone else after they watch an action film?).

Overall, it was just a great day!! It was absolutely amazing to be back in London (even though it was just for a day).

I apologise for not posting something more interesting than ANOTHER My Life kind of post, but I just haven't been inspired to do anything else recently. I hope you still enjoyed it, and Let me know what your favourite city is, or your favourite places in London!

Love from Elizabeth x

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What I Actually Think Of The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water | Product Review

So you have probably seen The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water all over the blogosphere and are probably sick about people raving about how amazing it is! Because I sure am! But I'm going to give my honest opinion about this product rather than jumping on the "it's amazing" bandwagon! 

I saw so many reviews and posts about this product saying that it was simply the best and a perfect dupe of the Bioderma Micellar Solution (a product I have never tried). Every review I saw could only say very good things about it so I decided that I HAD to get it (especially because my previous makeup remover was running out)! 

My initial reaction to it was "am I using this correctly?" because I was not finding it incredible. Everyone had built it up to be the most amazing product in the world. I bought it in the purpose of removing any leftover makeup that may be on my face after washing it with my usual exfoliator (specifically for my eye makeup). I found that this product doesn't remove my eye makeup very easily and I feel like I have to rub around my eyes a few times to get it off (and I feel that when I do this, I am pulling at the delicate skin around my eyes). I was definitely not wowed by it. 

However it does eventually get all of your eye makeup off, and once it is on the cotton pad, it doesn't transfer back onto my skin if I wipe it somewhere else (like my previous makeup remover). But it does work very well in removing excess foundation that may be on your skin (that doesn't appear to be there). And yes, it does leave your skin feeling very soft, but I tend to put more products on my face afterwards so I don't completely notice this effect. But there are some redeeming qualities like how it doesn't leave any sort of residue on your face, how it is unscented, and how it doesn't cause breakouts.

But all in all, it is a decent product that does what it says! And for it's reasonable price of £3.33 (currently at Boots here) it is a good product for the quantity! But would I repurchase it? No, I wouldn't. It was simply not what I was hoping for, and I think I may try The Garnier Skin Naturals Fresh Eye Make-Up Remover as I think it would be better suited to what I want. Now I am not saying I HATE the product, but I am simply saying that I don't LOVE it and it was definitely made out to be so much better than what it is by other people.

Have you tried The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water? What do you think of it? Do you have any affordable eye makeup remover recommendations? If so, let me know in the comments!

Love from Elizabeth x

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Monday, 14 April 2014

Lush Easter Haul | Get Your Relaxation On!

So unless you are living under a rock or have never seen the sun, you would have at least heard of or smelt Lush! I have never been keen on lush products, due to the fact that the smell is just so strong that it gives me a headache. I always hated walking past the shop because you could smell its overpowering stench from about 100 meters away! But I just wasn't a supporter of Lush until I actually wanted to have a nice bath!

You see, I never saw the point in sitting in your own dirty bath water, doing absolutely nothing! I like to do things, and be productive, but sometimes it's just nice to relax and let your hair down. And lush helps you do this! Also, Lush has such a great range of bath products for reasonable prices which makes it even more perfect! 

So, first off is the Bunch of Carrots in the top left. You can pick this up for £5.95. These definitely screams Easter to me! Not only do they look so cute, but they smell amazing!! They are reusable bubble bars which create heaps and heaps of bubbles (which is just what you want in a bath if you ask me!). Luckily they do not actually smell like carrots (because that would be... interesting) but they smell very tropical!! It is just amazing!!

Yuzu and Cocoa Bubble Bar

Next is the Think Pink in the top right, priced at £2.50. This one has a stronger scent than the other one. But seeing as pink is my favourite colour I couldn't resist it. It is a vanilla bath bomb with confetti hearts which is just so sweet! I also love the smell so much!! It is just so sweet and yummy that I just want to eat it!  (but that would definitely be a bad idea...)

Down in the left bottom is the cute Bunny Bubble Bar for £3.25. Again this is such a sweet vanilla smell that I couldn't help but pick it up! This one is filled with oils so it is perfect for moisturising and conditioning your skin, leaving beautifully soft. And another bonus of this one is that it turns your water pink, and it has bubbles!! 

And finally but definitely not least is the maroon shaped Yuzu and Cocoa Bubble Bar which you can get for a decent price of £3.25. This one may be my absolute favourite! It has a completely different smell to the other ones. The scent is a mix from the citrus oils and the cocoa, producing something truly amazing! This one is also perfect for moisturising due to the coconut and shea butter. 

Let me know if you are a fan of lush and let me know what your favourite Lush products are or if you have tried any of these!! Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin if you haven't already!
Love from Elizabeth x

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

A Few Days In Reading | My Life

So a few days ago I went to Reading to see my amazing boyfriend for our 6th monthary! For some of you, you may find it simply ridiculous to be celebrating a "monthary" but it's just a tradition that me and my boyfriend like to do. During the university term time, we see each other ever single day, so going a few days without seeing each other is a challenge especially when the longest we've been apart is 10 days!

Here are just a few pictures of our time together in reading. We did drive around a little bit in the countryside but I completely forgot to document it! So here is a few pictures of Reading itself:

We went to one of our most favourite places to eat, Wagamama!! On that day, for some reason I felt like having noodles and went for the Teriyaki Beef Soba which I really enjoyed. But if you ever have gone to Wagamama you will know that the Chicken Katsu Curry is the best!! What's your favourite dishes from here?

Here are a few other pictures of my day with my boyfriend in Reading! I apologise for the lack of pictures but I completely forget to document every second of the day. 

I hope you have enjoyed this style of post! If you did let me know in the comments! Let me know if you've been to Reading or let me know where your favourite places are!

Love from Elizabeth x